National Link Coalition introduces Family Spirals™

The National Link Coalition is an association of professionals bringing greater attention to the linkages between violence against animals and humans (i.e., “the Link”). I introduced Family Spirals™ in the February 2012 edition of their LINK-letter (p. 7):

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Family Spirals™ Addresses The Link and Sibling Abuse

The links among various forms of violence towards humans and other animals are perhaps most evident within the family. A new organization, Family Spirals™, is being developed to address multiple dimensions of family relationships and cohesion. Our Interspecies Families division explores our relationships with animals, particularly pets, within a family context. Family Spirals™ plans to advance Link work by exploring new ways in which to frame family problems, deepening our understanding of these connections, and contextualizing linkages within a broader multidisciplinary framework of family dynamics. Continue reading

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By creating safe, nurturing and joyful families,
we can experience a more peaceful and tolerant world.


Henri Matisse, Pastoral. 1906. oil on canvas. 46 x 55 cm. Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris.
Henri Matisse, Pastoral. 1906. oil on canvas. 46 x 55 cm. Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris.

Family Spirals™ is being developed as an international think tank and capacity-building nonprofit addressing family identity, cohesion, trauma and joy.

We are committed to supporting family experiences that are safe, meaningful, healthy and relaxed.

We are dedicated to taking an interdisciplinary approach in applying research from the health sciences, social sciences and humanities in order to find the best solutions to family conflicts.

We will address some of the most stigmatized, marginalized and complicated issues within families, including:

  • Sibling aggression and sibling abuse
  • The links between the abuse of pets and child/spousal/elder/sibling abuse
  • In-law conflicts
  • Technology and family connectedness

As an international think tank on contemporary families, we will conduct research and make policy recommendations that reflect a more holistic understanding of family dynamics.

As a capacity-building nonprofit, we know that, with appropriate community and institutional support, family issues can be managed within families. We will help to establish those supports.

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updated 6/17/13