Center for Families with Animals – needs You!

We are beginning to roll out our second program with the Center for Families with Animals.i

abandoned-dog_tony-alter-flikrWhile most people in the U.S. and elsewhere consider their animals to be family, the neglect and abuse of pets is still rampant, often hidden, and much of it is legal. How can this change?

The Center for Families with Animals is dedicated to creating new strategies and approaches to reach these animals, drawing upon multi-disciplinary research and best practices in order to improve life for these animals and their families.

A small fundraising campaign was launched by Family Spirals’ founder, Eric Greene, in order to finish developing the Center and cover various start-up costs before our big launch. You can learn more about the program from our CrowdRise webpage. We’d love to hear what you think! If you would like to help – please let us know.

Here’s a link to the campaign:

Our first program has been hosting the Green Pet-Burial Society and its promotion of conservation whole-family cemeteries.

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Photo: © 2009, Abandoned Dog (detail) by Tony Alter on


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