Donor Wall

A heartfelt ‘Thank You’ to all who have contributed, who have given us the means by which to help families in need and to create a kinder world. It takes a village!

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Wall of Generous Donors


General Fund

Anonymous (4)
Anne Harringer
Joyce Freedman Levine
Elena Novikoff – in honor of Zina
Gilberto Araya-Rodríguez
Boria Sax
Gregory Wednt

Center for Families with Animals

Anonymous (11)
Gala Argent
Nancy Brady, RN – in memory of all my fur babies; to honor & pay tribute to all animals.
Linda Brandt – In memory of all the animals who did not have a chance.
Capsula Mundi
Karen Dalke
Deborah Elliott – in memory of Omar and Harrison.
R Ford
Jesse Freidin
Eric Greene – in memory of Sam.
Michael Kaliski
Christine Kim – in memory of my girls Harriet, Mo, and Jennifer.
Christie, Phil & Minke
Jessica Pierce – in memory of Topaz.
risa m mandell – in memory of my parents, Florence and Joseph Mandell.
Dian Morgan
Melani Nardone
Jane O’Hara
Julie Palais
Vivienne Palmer
Roman and Manny – on behalf of the Mankind Project of Los Angeles.
Kenneth Shapiro
Erica Springer
Romi Stepovich
Kristin L. Stewart – in memory of Ursa Minor.
Christopher White

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updated June 9, 2017