October 11, 2015
Momma Drama” on the series Dash Dolls (Season 1: Episode 104 @ 41:07). E! Cable Network. A reality TV spinoff of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. – Near the end of the episode, Family Spirals® founder, Eric Greene, meets cast member Caroline Burt and her mother, Gahl Burt, at a fundraiser for Survivors of Institutional Abuse (SIA). He discusses the mission of our program, “Let’s Get Through This”, designed to enhance community support for youth and parents.

February, 2012
Family Spirals Addresses ‘The Link’ and Sibling Abuse in LINK-Letter (5:2 p. 7), National Link Coalition.

Special Programs

We host the Green Pet-Burial Society, which explores themes of family, pets, cemetery policy, and conservation. It has been mentioned and  featured in several media outlets and blogs, including: NPR, The Atlantic Magazine, CNN, MNN, Audubon, E Magazine, among others.

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