Gala Argent

Gala Argent, Ph.D., Board of Directors

Gala-Argent (2)Gala Argent holds a Ph.D. in Archaeology and M.A. and B.A. degrees in Communication Studies. She serves as faculty within the animal studies major at Eastern Kentucky University, and within the anthropology department of Sacramento City College.

Recognized as a leading authority on human-horse relationships, Gala’s interdisciplinary approach applies theory and method from archaeological, ethological, ethnographic, phenomenological, sociological, psychological and communication studies to the problem of theorizing human-animal communication and relationships. Her work focuses upon the pro-social aspects of relationships through which humans and other social animals – primarily horses – come together, and upon how these intersubjective relationships might form co-created realities. In other words, her interests are not only in how other animals are utilized by human societies, but also in if and how animals are incorporated into human landscapes, cosmologies, identities and ideologies.

As a theoretical archaeologist and animal studies scholar, she has shared significant information and perspectives to enhance the work of the Green Pet-Burial Society and our efforts in promoting whole family cemeteries. In addition to her contributions to our Center for Families with Animals, her earlier academic work addressing the impact of media upon communication is relevant to our Center on Cyberfamilies. Of note, Gala has also served  as a council member and as chair of the California State Council on Developmental Disabilities from 1993-1999.

added February 27, 2016