Nik Taylor

Nik Taylor, Ph.D., Advisor

nik-taylor-and-lokiNik Taylor is associate professor of sociology at Flinders University (Australia) who has been researching human-animal relations for over 15 years, after spending years running an animal shelter. Nik has published multiple books and journal articles on the human-animal bond; treatment of animals and animal welfare; links between human aggression and animal cruelty including those between domestic violence, animal abuse and child abuse; slaughterhouses; meat-eating; and, animal shelter work.

She has written for diverse audiences including, The Guardian, The Drum, The Conversation as well as numerous blogs and websites. Her most recent books include:

The Rise of Critical Animal Studies (ed., with Richard Twine), Routledge, 2014.
Humans, Animals and Society, Lantern Books, 2013.
Neoliberalization, Universities and the Public Intellectual: Species, Gender and Class and the Production of Knowledge (with Heather Fraser), Palgrave, 2016.

Photo: Nik and Loki
added September 6, 2016