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Surprisingly, there are relatively few resources addressing problems between adults and their parents; there is psychotherapy (which some people still resist), and a few programs addressing elder abuse within families, involving family members in addiction services, and a few that help houseless individuals to reconnect with their family members. Online searches for programs that include the terms ‘parent’, ‘child’, or ‘family’ regularly bring up resources for families with young children or teens. As we come across resources for adults and their parents (who are also adult children), we will add them here.

Preserving Parent-Child Bonds

Stand Alone Family Estrangement Guides for parents and for adult children. This UK organization, while focusing on the UK, provides studies and information that is useful for all.

Erasing Family programming and resources stemming from the documentary of the same name (listed below). Programs that encourage mediation and shared parenting can prevent future childhood trauma, make divorce and separation less costly financially and emotionally.

Fathers’ UpLift “provides mental health counseling, coaching, advocacy, and resource support to assist fathers with overcoming barriers (racism, emotional, traumatic, and addiction-based barriers) that prevent them from remaining engaged in their children’s lives.”

National Parents Organization (NPO) “protecting every child’s right to the love & care of both parents after separation or divorce.”

Parental Alienation | Jennifer Harman | TEDxCSU changing parental stereotypes. 2016. Dr. Harman is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Colorado State University, and Program Coordinator for the Applied Social & Health Psychology Program.

Resources for Families Coping with Mental and Substance Use Disorders from SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration), U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, which “leads public health efforts to advance the behavioral health of the nation.”

Elder Abuse

Elder Abuse within Families resources and information for individuals who need support caring for an older family member, who are being mistreated by a family member, and who witness elder abuse within a family.

National Center on Elder Abuse “information [on] research, training, best practices, news and resources on elder abuse, neglect and exploitation to professionals and the public…established by the U.S. Administration on Aging (AoA) in 1988 as a national elder abuse resource center, the NCEA was granted a permanent home at AoA in…1992.”

National Committee for the Prevention of Elder Abuse – “research, advocacy, public awareness, and training regarding the abuse and neglect of older persons and disabled adults. The organization publishes the Journal of Elder Abuse & Neglect and NEXUS.”


Mother-In-Law And Daughter-In-Law by Stephanie Frogge, published by TAPS, 3/21/2008. Here are two letters that imagine the thoughts a soldier’s mother, and those of his wife, about grief and each other upon the soldier’s death. Yet it holds information about the mother-daughter-in-law dynamic, generally. TAPS (Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors) is the national nonprofit organization serving all those grieving the death of a military or veteran loved one.


Program of Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregivers (USA) for family members who provide care or assistance to Veterans.

Program of General Caregiver Support Services (USA) from the National Institute on Aging, NIH. For family members who provide care or assistance to Veterans, whose needs do not meet eligibility requirements of the above program.

Honor Violence

Chime for Change “a global campaign founded by Gucci in 2013 to convene, unite and strengthen the voices speaking out for gender equality.”

Honour Based Violence Awareness Network (HBVA) “an international digital resource centre working to advance understanding and awareness of Honour Killings and Honour Based Violence through research, documentation and information for professionals who may encounter individuals at risk.”


Stand Alone Podcast A series of 15 episodes by the UK organization, Stand Alone. While different relationships are discussed, several people experiencing family estrangement are interviewed, the majority of whom focus on Parent-Child estrangement.

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