Center on Sibling Dynamics™

Addressing sibling aggression, conflict, and friendship

    • Sibling Rivalry or Bullying?: the tragedies and triumphs. Exploring beliefs, practices and solutions regarding sibling aggression. (see article)
    • Caregiving & Deathcare: the impact of sibling discord when caring for parents in need.
    • “Lean on Me”: sibling friendships in everyday life (including foster care, adoption, divorce, disability, and crises). (see paper)

Center for Families with Animals

Improving our relationships with animals and each other

    • Being Family: integrating animals into our families with joy.
    • Spirals of Violence: coordinating services for pet/child/sibling/spousal/elder abuse – addressing family violence holistically.
    • Exotics – Dislocated ‘Pets’
    • Bereavement & Conservation: hosting the Green Pet-Burial Society.

Center for the Adult Child™

Healing transgressions and neglect between children and parents

    • In-law Conflicts: creating respect through boundaries & understanding.
    • Gendered Relationships: between parent and child
    • Love & Honor: (dis)honor killings, dowry killings, exiles and estrangements

Center on Cyberfamilies

Privacy, connections, and disruptions in a digital age

    • Being Connected: how to achieve and maintain family connectedness.
    • Mealtime Mambo™: revitalizing family meals with conversation.
    • Cyberbullying within Families.

Special Projects

“Let’s Get Through This”

A program of self-reliance and understanding for youth and parents

Green Pet-Burial Society

Notions and practices regarding the death and dying of our pets.
(Hosted by the Center for Families with Animals)

updated October 10, 2017


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