Each of our programmatic Centers are being designed as a hub of activity and resources addressing particular aspects of family life. Additionally, our initial services will be a series of small online Discussion Groups and Support Groups where people may share their experiences and problems with particular family relationships and situations. On each Center’s webpages will be links to resources, as well as lists of books, films, and songs illustrating the complexity of family dynamics. Our online Art Galleries of paintings, drawings, short films, and poetry help people to reflect upon different aspects of their own relationships.

With your support, we will launch all our Centers and Special Projects. Your generous donation will help get us there!

Center on Sibling Dynamics™

Addressing sibling conflict, aggression, and friendship

    • Rivalry or Bullying?: the tragedies and triumphs. Exploring beliefs, practices, and solutions regarding sibling aggression. (see article)
    • Caregiving & Aftercare: the impact of sibling discord when caring for parents in life and death.
    • “Lean on Me”: sibling friendships in everyday life (including siblings in foster care, adoption, divorce, with disability, and in crisis). (see paper)

Center for Families with Animals

Improving our relationships with animals and each other

    • Being Family: integrating animals into our family dynamic with joy.
    • Spirals of Violence: coordinating services for pet/child/sibling/spousal/elder abuse; addressing family violence holistically.
    • Exotics – Dislocated ‘Pets’: addressing the needs of wildlife in captivity.
    • Bereavement & Nature: hosting the Green Pet-Burial Society.

Center for the Adult Child™

Healing transgressions and neglect between adults and their parents

    • In-law Conflicts: creating respect through boundaries & understanding.
    • Gendered Relationships: between parent and the adult child.
    • Love & Honor: “honor killings,” dowry killings, exile, and estrangement.

Center on Cyberfamilies

Privacy, connections, and disruptions in a digital age

    • Being Connected: how to achieve and maintain family connectedness.
    • Mealtime Mambo™: revitalizing family meals with conversation and community.
    • Cyberbullying within Families: online boundaries, jokes, and humiliation.

Special Programs

“Let’s Get Through This”

A program of self-reliance and understanding for youth and parents.

Green Pet-Burial Society

Notions and practices regarding the death and dying of animal companions.
(Hosted by the Center for Families with Animals)

  • Whole-Family EcoCemeteries: Conservation cemeteries are wildlife preserves which are legally protected as green cemeteries. When these cemeteries allow people to bury the remains of all family members, including animal companions, we call them ‘whole-family.’

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