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Animal Studies Bibliography, a project of the Animal Studies Program, Michigan State University, managed by Linda Kalof, Seven Mattes, and Amy Fitzgerald. It is organized in categories, including “Animals as Companions.”

Animals, Death, and Grief, a project of the Green Pet-Burial Society, hosted by Family Spirals®.


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Fiction & Poetry

Arikawa, Hiro, and Philip Gabriel (translator). The Travelling Cat Chronicles. 2018. Berkley; Illustrated edition. Japan.

Fowler, Karen Joy. We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves: A Novel. 2013. USA. [One cannot adequately review the book without a spoiler. It was, however, shortlisted for the 2014 Man Booker Prize.]

Hiraide, Takashi and Eric Selland (translator). The Guest Cat. 2014. New Directions. Japan.

Kawamura, Genki, and Eric Selland (translator). If Cats Disappeared from the World: A Novel. 2019. Flatiron Books. Japan. [Also made into a 2016 Japanese film directed by Akira Nagai.]

Natsume, Sōseki, Aiko Ito (translator) and Graeme Wilson (translator). I Am a Cat. 2001. Tuttle Classics. Japan. [A classic of Japanese literature originally published in ten installments in the literary journal Hototogisu, from 1905-1906. As with much literature, the animal provides an opportunity for social criticism, although Sōseki also paid attention to real cats. This edition is translated in British English, using expression that may be unfamiliar to US audiences. There is also a shorter, illustrated 2021 Manga edition.]

Nunez, Sigrid. The Friend: A Novel. 2018. Riverhead Books.

Oliver, Mary. Dog Songs: Poems. 2013. Penguin Press.

Szabo, Magda (Author), Len Rix (Translator). The Door (NYRB Classics). 2015

Memoir & Biography

Ackerley, J.R. We Think the World of You. 1960. Great Britain: The Bodley Head (rereleased in NYRB Classics). Review.

Blazina, Chris. One Unwavering Friend: Heartwarming Tales of Men and Dogs. 2021. London: Filament Press. Description

Buczkowski, Pete. Dog: An Immigrant Story. 2016. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. “Pedrito’s parents survived Hitler’s forced labor camps in Poland. They moved to Venezuela and waited ten years for visas that would take them to America. Dog is their pet–a fierce South American rooster…[whose] courage helps the family bridge that gap between the jungle and 1950’s America.”]

Fentiman, CJ. The Cat with Three Passports: What a Japanese cat taught me about an old culture and new beginnings. 2020. Silver Vine Press. Japan.

Grogan, John. Marley & Me: Life and Love with the World’s Worst Dog. 2005. HarperCollins. [The book was made into a popular film in 2008, directed by David Frankel.]

Kalman, Maira (also illustrator). Beloved Dog. 2015. Penguin Press. [Read this review from The Marginalian.]

Montgomery, Sy and Rebecca Green (Illustrator). How To Be A Good Creature: A Memoir in Thirteen Animals. Mariner Books.

Myles, Eileen. Afterglow: A Dog Memoir. 2017. Grove Press. Review.

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(see Animal Studies Bibliography for a full list under “Animals as Companions.”)

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