“Let’s Get Through This”

Self-Reliance and Understanding for Teens and Parents

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“Let’s Get Through This” is designed to enhance self-reliance among youth and increase mutual understanding with their parents. We will research and address tensions within teen-parent relationships (and how they may be influenced by other family members) so that life at home may be, at minimum, bearable, safe and hopeful. We will also explore alternate solutions to youth residential programs by developing activities, materials and trainings designed to help parents and teens manage their relationships and respective lives.

Note: once a child becomes a legal adult, whether or not they continue to live at their parents’ home, parent and child may find additional resources and help through our Center for the Adult Child (after we launch).

Our Program 

“Let’s Get Through This” seeks to help prevent, manage and heal many family crises with information and activities designed to enhance the lives of child and parent. By addressing the needs of each, we hope to enhance:

▀ Partnerships

We foster the development of appropriate and accessible supports to teens and their parents. In addition to professional services, we encourage greater involvement by community institutions (schools, parks, camps, religious institutions), as well as by friends, extended family and neighbors. We will also explore a variety of peer support models. In all these ways, we seek to enhance person-to-person connections.

▀ Peace

We help parents and children live together in peace, safety, and with mutual respect until the child moves out on her/his own. Our program will help parents adjust to their child’s ‘coming of age,’ and will help youth adjust to their own emerging adulthood while residing with their parents’ – so that everyone may feel ‘at home.’

▀ Power

We support children and their parents in experiencing a sense of empowerment – together:

  • the power of respecting each other
  • the power of good communication (listening and speaking)
  • the power in trying to understand one another
  • the power of facing our fears
  • the power of love

▀ Play

We help to facilitate ways for teens and their parents to re-learn each other and their changing needs and views in an ever-changing world. To do so, we will develop and adapt activities whereby families may

  • find ways to play that are safe and joyful
  • appreciate the natural world together
  • explore a range of thought-provoking endeavors
  • find better ways to communicate

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