Safe, nurturing, and joyful families
give rise to a more peaceful and communal world.

Rembrandt, Untitled, c. 1656. 93 x 154 mm. Ink on paper. Collection of The British Museum.

Family Spirals® creates capacity-building programs addressing family identity, cohesion, trauma, and joy. We are also developing as a think tank focusing on the impacts that local and global problems have on families.

We are committed to supporting family experiences that are safe, meaningful, relaxed, and healthful. (Learn more about our Mission and Core Values.)

By taking an interdisciplinary approach, Family Spirals® will apply research from the social sciences, humanities, health sciences, and ecology in order to find the best solutions to family problems.

We address some of the most stigmatized, marginalized, and complicated issues within families, including:

  • Sibling aggression, sibling abuse, sibling rivalry and sibling revelry
  • The links between the mistreatment of pets and other forms of family violence
  • In-law conflicts
  • Technology and family connectedness
  • Tensions between parents and teens

As a capacity-building provider, we develop programs in order to provide educational trainings and resources to professionals and volunteers who work with families, as well as to families themselves. With appropriate community and institutional support, most families can manage problematic dynamics – we help to establish those supports.

As a global think tank, we will conduct research and make policy recommendations that reflect a holistic understanding of family dynamics, respect the integrity of families, and support the wellbeing of families cross-culturally.

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